Otto Thorwarth’s Story

You may have never heard the name before but he has been a household name in many respects for years. He developed an impressive following as a professional horse racing jockey with over 1,500 victories under his belt. His name is Otto Thorwarth. Otto grew up in Hot Springs, AR. and was the son of a football coach so, from the time he was little (well, as you can see that time never ended for him). Up until his sophomore yr. in high school, Otto had always dreamed of being a professional athlete. At five ft. tall and 110 lbs. that dream didn't look too promising. That’s when he learned about horse racing. There were three requirements: you had to be small; know how to ride a horse; and be at least a little crazy. So…he dropped out of football, which crushed his dad who had been waiting 28 years to have a son play for him, and Otto got his PHD. After getting his Public High school Diploma, it was off to the school of hard knocks. Of the three requirements to be a jockey, Otto was only missing one: knowing how to ride a horse. After graduating he went to the track where he quickly worked his way up from a hot walker, to groom, to an exercise rider, and finally he was a jockey…and as you can see that eventually evolved into his passion. Acting!

When asked about his racing career Otto is extremely grateful for the experiences he has received. Otto has had many trying times and fully credits his lord and savior Jesus Christ for helping him along the way. Otto is an extremely faith based individual who always has a smile on his face. His fellow actors were continually enamored by his talent with many saying he out shined the veteran cast with his illustrious performance. Otto doesn't look at it that way though. He is just extremely thankful to Randall Wallace (Director of Secretariat) and the many people who have helped him along the way. He praises all of the cast and crew who were present during the filming of Walt Disney's Secretariat. There is no question Otto has a passion and will be a regular on the big screen for many years to come.

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